Home Cleaning Near Me – What is important?

You can have a sparkling kitchen too!

“Finding home cleaning near me”

The most searched term when it comes to googling for a home cleaning is home cleaning near me. Right behind that is maid service near me and following up third is cleaning near me. What do you search for?

Click to Search Google for “Home Cleaners Near Me”

You’ll find a list at the top of Local Sponsored ads from google. These are companies who have paid for ads to be located at the top for local services. Even the Google Guarantee is a paid for advertising (which just means they submitted their information to Google).

You need to be comfortable

What it really boils down to when you’re searching “home cleaning near me” is you need to find a cleaning company that you are comfortable with. This means many things to difference people and as a cleaning company we can’t be everything for everyone as much as we’d like to.

Upfront pricing is important

Are you the type of person who likes to be able to see upfront pricing? I’d hate to go to Best Buy’s website for a TV and learn that the Geek Squad needs to come to my house first to see where the TV will go to give me an estimated cost. What if they see my expensive tasted in shoes, does that increase the price of the TV. The same goes for cleaning services, understandably they want to see the layout of the house, but now a days these things are available through services like Zillow.

Ease of scheduling and online availability

Ease of scheduling and availability is another factor that we see being submitted on our survey as important to the customer. If you have a party next week and you’ve never had a cleaning before you’re going to want to be able to see what days are available and book a cleaning online quickly. P.S. You can do this with Sweetly Clean right on our Book Now page! 

Trust – background checks and reviews go hand in hand

Trust is the last important trait we’ll cover for a cleaning company when you search “home cleaning near me”. You’ll definitely want to reach out and get some references as well as read reviews. Hint – Google Reviews are more trustworthy than others as the reviewers need to use their actual google accounts. Another point would be for your first cleaning ensure that you can be available for a walkthrough at the completion. Just like with friends and significant others, trust can’t be magically granted. Check reviews, ensure that the company has a Guarantee and is insured.

Spring cleaning

Sometimes just the need is the important drive to get your home cleaned and why you searched. Did you know these facts about cleaning? (nd excerpt from  2019 National Cleaning Survey: Why More Households Will Spring Clean This Year Than Any Other) “The study, conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of ACI, revealed that 41 percent of heads of household can’t remember the last time they cleaned their refrigerators, 23 percent can’t remember the last time they cleaned their bed linens, 16 percent can’t remember the last time they cleaned their guest bathroom toilet, 47 percent can’t remember the last time they cleaned their oven, and 20 percent have never cleaned their washing machines.”


All in all, when you’re finding a home cleaner near you; your comfort with the company is front and center. From the initial impression with a professional website to upfront pricing and availability only you can decide which company is right to come clean your house.

Whether you go with a professional company who background checks their employees and has a great website and insurance policy to the solo operator owned business you need to be comfortable. Don’t be afraid to try other companies too if you already have a cleaner. You might find that a better company is just a click away.

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