Cleaning the Coronavirus

Not all cleaners are created equal! Read on to be sure you are using the right tool to prevent the spread of viruses like the coronavirus.

Did you know that the US Government makes companies prove that their cleaners are effective against viruses like the coronavirus? They do. The EPA has a page (here) for listing which cleaners are effective at cleaning coronavirus and other germs.

The germ that causes the coronavirus COVID-19 is the SARS-CoV-2 per this article. Download the pdf of the list of cleaners that are in the emerging viral pathogen program here:

This list; dated 03/03/2020, includes ready to use cleaners are able to kill harder-to-kill virus. The EPA reviews the supporting information and determines if the claim is acceptable. “Once approved, a company can make certain off-label claims as specified in the policy in the event of an outbreak such as the SARS-CoV-2.”

Some of the ready to use cleaners include “Ecolab Inc’s Bleach Disinfectant Cleaner”, “”Clorox Multi Surface Cleaner and Bleach”, and “Lysol Brand Heavy Duty Cleaner Disinfectant Concentrate (diluted)”. Be sure to read the instructions for use including dilution guidelines. Some disinfectants require the surface to remain wet for up to 10 seconds.

Clean surfaces first and then disinfect. Afterwards regularly disinfect commonly touched surfaces daily. It is best to get into a weekly cleaning routine in order to properly clean the coronavirus and other viruses. Wear gloves while using cleaners to keep your hands safe and wash your hands and clothing after cleaning.

Schedule bi-weekly cleanings

Better yet let a professional cleaning team clean your home on a regular basis. Then you only have to worry about disinfecting in between. While we suggest weekly cleanings that may be too much for your budget. If you have a professional clean bi-weekly or even monthly allows in-between cleanings to be done faster and more easily by yourselves.

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